It’s almost time to be part of the largest and longest running Kite Festival in North America! The Washington State International Kite Festival returns to Long Beach in August, bringing a week-long celebration to the region.

Running from August 19th to the 25th this year, The Washington State International Kite Festival will have the skies filled with color, high flying action, and choreographed movement.

The kite celebration and competition is held annually during the third full week of August, and it draws “famous kite fliers from all around the world, and tens of thousands awed spectators, many of which participate in the fun with their own kite flying adventures,” according to the festival.

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Image via Bob Pool/Shutterstock

Known for its stunning beach and boardwalk, Long Beach, is also known as the “kite flying capital of the United States.”

Along with kite flyers, designers, builders, and manufacturers from all around the world, around 150,000 people are annually in the region for the festival.

During the festival, visitors will also find local food and goods vendors, kite vendors, and a music festival in town. There’s also a beer garden, and tent with presentations from local artists and craftspeople, as well family friendly activities.

Treat yourself to a trip to Washington’s beautiful coast for the perfect cap to summer.

Washington State International Kite Festival

When: Monday, August 19th to Sunday, August 25th, 2024
Where:Bolstad W, Long Beach WA
Cost: Free/Varies