With vaccinations ramping up across the nation, things are slowly but surely starting to reopen. And one of the latest and biggest things to open in North America is California’s theme parks. But as you might have guessed things will look a little different and dare we say, funny.

Basically, you can expect California theme parks to get a whole lot quieter. Because screaming on rides is no longer allowed in an effort to curb any COVID transmissions occurring on the rides. And we have to say this really reminds us of when Fuji-Q Highland amusement park asking riders to “Please Scream Inside Your Heart” earlier this year.

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Besides no screaming, riders and park-goers will also be required to wear masks and social distance. But we expected that and you probably did too. And to make sure things are really followed to a T, only 15% capacity and in-state visitors will be allowed within parks. That means even U.S. residents can’t to Cali for the theme parks, sorry folks.

What does this mean for Canadian theme parks? Well, Canada’s Wonderland is aiming to open at some point this year, but we’d imagine they’ll wait at least until people can truly enjoy the rides. AKA, scream their guts out.

As Canada’s vaccination rollout continues, we’re keeping our fingers crossed (and mouths closed) that we’ll be hitting up some rides sooner rather than later. When the time comes, let’s just hope we don’t have to internalize our terror like these poor souls down south.