Admittedly, after the last few months of embracing our inner potato, our brain could probably use a little exercise. Lucky for us, Calgary’s Telus Spark has announced that they will be reopening to the public next week!

According to their website, Friday, June 18th will be the big day and we could not be more ready.

After all, Sparks spring reopening ushers in far more than just the return of their beloved exhibits! It’ll also be the first time guests will be able to experience their new eatery, the Rocket Fuel Café!

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Photo via Telus Spark

The Rocket Fuel Café is going to be unlike anything else in the city and we mean that.

Here, science lovers will be able to explore the entire solar system with their taste buds aboard a selection of planet-inspired Astronaut Ice Cream cones.  You might say, that the flavours will be out of this world.

For those of you who may not remember, this new attraction was actually brought to light in March, alongside a variety of other huge upgrades set to open later on.

In addition to their chilly new spot, they have also been hard at work on a few dome theatre improvements, new classrooms and a permanent digital art gallery – the first of its kind in all of Canada!

With this new exhibit, curious cats will actually be able to actually walk through the brain or through the universe. Now we don’t know about you guys, but that’s practically a dream come true for us.

How exciting is that, friends?! Will you be checking them out? Let us know!


When: Friday, June 18th
Where: 220 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary
Instagram: @Telus_Spark