A few days ago, we informed you how the Calgary Zoo has brought back its annual Penguin Walk presented by RE/MAX for the 10th consecutive year. And if you’ve ever wondered what the phrase “death by cuteness” means, this walk is the perfect example.

Every morning, the zookeepers will unleash this cuteness overload as the King Penguin colony steers out of their enclosure (Penguin Plunge) and onto the zoo grounds. And here is everything you need to know about the walk; from amusing facts to educational deets. 

#1 The Penguin Walk is a rare opportunity for us to actually see the penguins up close. In fact, the Calgary Zoo is the only Canadian zoo to give us this opportunity. Plus, you get to learn more about these fascinating birds – from their enrichment to their conservation.

Image via Curiocity

#2 The daily walks aren’t really for our amusement (that’s just a perk!). The walks are a form of physical exercise as well as an enriching sensory experience that contributes to the penguins’ overall wellbeing. Not so different from us humans, eh?

#3 The Penguin Walk is a voluntary activity and not forced upon the birds. But, as a general rule, the birds are excited about the walk and see it as part of their morning routine. They even line up eagerly to get out of their enclosure. Wish our morning routine was this healthy!

#4 The walk covers a 15-minute long loop starting at the Penguin Plunge, of course, going down to the Discovery Trail Bridge and then back up to the penguin exhibit.

Image via Curiocity

#5 12 out of the 13 adult penguins are likely to join the parade while one new mother (Grace) is likely to stay behind to look after her chick. Yes, ‘awww’ indeed!

#6 The zookeepers are excited to find out (as are we) if the newest member of the colony, aka Grace’s new chick, might join the walk in a few weeks. 

Ready to join the King Penguins colony’s leisurely morning stroll? You have until mid-March to do so. Here, check out the Calgary Zoo Website to grab your tickets. And FYI, the Penguin Walk is covered under the admission ticket/membership.