Looking to add a furry friend to your family? If you’re ready and willing, the Calgary Humane Society is holding an April adoption event that will save you money and warm your heart.

Often overlooked due to superstition, the organization has confirmed that for the rest of this month, the adoption fee for all black cats will be 15% off.

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“Currently, 28 out of the 55 cats in our shelter are black, and we can’t seem to find them homes,” they explained on their Instagram.

“For the rest of April, adoption fees on black cats will be 15% off in hopes that we can find as many loving homes as we can for these cuties.”

Interested in becoming a pet parent? Head to their website or visit their open adoption centre at the address below.

You – never know, you might just meet your purr-fect match!


When: April 2023
Where: 4455 110th Avenue SE – Calgary