With our team in the thick of their first round of this year’s Stanley Cup series, City Hall has declared their support for the Calgary Flames and the 2022 playoffs by displaying a historic gesture right on its front steps.

Bold and bright enough for everyone to see within a few blocks – the City announced that it had dusted off a piece made in celebration of Calgary’s 1989 Stanley Cup win – and would place it outside their iconic inner-city building for good luck.

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“This Flaming C is a piece of Flames history!” they wrote on their Twitter, crediting the City staff at the Manchester Centre welding and fabrication shop for building it 33 years ago.

According to the city, the 8-foot sculpture was made for the victory parade and while it’s noticeably a bit “off,” has a ton of character- though not everyone in the comment section agreed.

Unfortunately, the ‘creative liberties taken with the design did cause a flurry of not-so-nice comments – but haters gonna hate

We think it’s kind of charming and despite its inaccuracies – makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

Heck, maybe this is the charm we need to bring it all home! You never know! 

Sentimental value has got to be worth something and we’ve got a good feeling about it.

If you’d like to watch the Calgary Flames in the playoffs – they once again face off against the Stars tonight at 7:30 – so check it out. There might be magic in that wonky ‘C’.