Alberta’s film industry is booming, but it wouldn’t be what it is today without the Calgary Film Centre.

Booked solid by production companies big and small, this all-important building has been used in everything from The Last Of Us to Fargo and now it’s up for sale! 

Listed at $25 million, The Calgary Film Centre is in need of a brand new owner that will continue to inspire creatives from all over the world to come back to the city no matter the size of the project.

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Photo via City of Calgary
Photo via City of Calgary

Situated on 13.32 acres of land, they’ve proven they can handle anything and are within close proximity to rolling hills, mountains, desert, lakes, rivers and so much more.

Of course, with all this and more, not just anyone will be able to purchase the CFM!

Photo via City of Calgary
Photo via City of Calgary

According to the City of Calgary, the next owner must prove the following:

  • Direct, relevant and recent experience in film production (i.e. producing films, TV shows, etc.), film Productifacility rentals or film equipment rental
  • The assets of the entity are sufficient to support the expected purchase price
  • The ability for the individual/entity to be provincially / extra provincially registered in accordance with the Business Corporations Act
  • Financial capacity of the entity to close
Photo via City of Calgary
Photo via City of Calgary

With 3 sound stages, thousands of square feet, a workshop and warehouse space and additional land ready for development – interested buyers shouldn’t hesitate.

The submission period will only be open until May 1st, 2023 at which point they will begin making some major decisions.

Big things are happening, Calgary – we can’t wait to see what the new owner does with the place!