Let’s get one thing straight— chocolates are not a just holiday staple. They are an all-season essential that make life a helluva lot sweeter. That said, they do make for foolproof gifts. And for anyone looking to gift the gift that never disappoints, this local Calgary chocolatier has you covered with the most indulgent treats.

Cococo Chocolatier (officially Cocoa Community Confections Inc.) has a whole range of drool-worthy delights for the holiday season. From milky treats to dark decadence and adorable stocking stuffers to elaborate baskets, they have you covered all the way- even beyond the holidays

Now, we don’t really need to tell you how freakishly amazing these chocolates taste. The chocolatier has, after all, been wowing us for years with their innovative twists and unparalleled quality.

It’s hard to believe these chocolates are made right here in Calgary with simple ingredients like real cream, butter and, of course, their unique sustainable couverture chocolate. And FYI, no artificial preservatives.

cococo chocolate shop calgary
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But we do need to tell you, however, that these sweet holiday creations look just as gorgeous as they taste. We are especially obsessing over their delicious bonbons like the Hazelnut chocolate, the cute Santa lollipops and the chocolate-filled Christmas Yule Log. Pretty cool, eh?


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What makes these chocolates even more satisfying is that Cococo is a carbon-conscious brand. They craft all their 80+ recipes with sustainable couverture chocolate, simple ingredients, and no artificial preservatives, choosing fairly traded and sustainable supplies wherever possible all while employing good manufacturing practices. 

Their premium couverture is, in fact, made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter. Both are traceable and fairly traded.

cococo chocolatier chocolate shop calgary
via Curiocity

If you are drooling half as much as we are at the moment, we suggest you check out their website below. Or head to one of their four locations across town and support this OG Calgary chocolatier today!