Choo choo! The Calgary to Banff rail line just keeps chugging along, with another major reminder about the plan coming out this week. On Monday, representatives from the proposed line made their case to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and are now awaiting a decision. Here’s a quick update about it.

During a Transportation & Logistics Summit on Monday, representatives from Liricon Capital, which is the major name behind the line (and the owner of Norquay Ski Resort), gave a quick rundown of where things are at. Basically, the numbers have been figured out, a few municipalities are on board (including Calgary and Banff), and it’s now up to the province to give the green light on the project.

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As for what it could look like when complete, the line will cover some 150km between the Calgary Airport and Banff, with stops along the way. These include places like Downtown Calgary, Cochrane, and Canmore to name a few. The rail will be built alongside existing CP Rail tracks, and is contemplating the use hydrogen powered trains capable of running once an hour.

That said, the project isn’t without some serious considerations to be made. Most importantly? It’s asking the province for $30 million a year in taxpayer dollars for the next 50 years to help finance construction and maintenance. The tradeoff there is that once the project is complete, ownership will switch over to Alberta.

So yeah, that’s where we’re at with this project that has been in the works for years. Either way, we’re waiting with baited breath to see what the final word is from the province on the Calgary Banff Rail Line.