Though this next adventure just outside of the GTA is known for a popular geological gem, it is home to over 20 ‘ghost hamlets’. What was once inhabited by small communities now lies barren, for some parts of Caledon that is. Here’s what to know about this Ontario town.

According to Visit Caledon, the municipality “consists of urban centres and rural hamlets.” It’s less than an hour away from Toronto and is definitely day-trip-friendly.

Caledon is actually a collection of rural townships with small populations, according to Destination Ontario. It consists of Alton, Belfountain, Bolton, Caledon East, Caledon Village, Cheltenham, Inglewood, Palgrave, and Terra Cotta.

Each spot is charming in its own way, offering that small-town, rural vibe that many seek for that peaceful escape.

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Wildly known for being home to the Cheltenham Badlands, according to Destination Ontario, there’s a lot more to this township than what is known.

“There are 21 ghost hamlets located in Caledon and the surrounding area,” shares Destination Ontario.

These ‘ghost hamlets’ are places that were once home to small communities.

Unfortunately, they were “unable to sustain a large enough population to maintain village status.”

According to the Town of Caledon, many of these communities were built important facilities at the time like general stores and churches. Residences, barns, hotels, and other service buildings were also included.

“During the period from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the First World War, southern Ontario went through a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization,” shares the town’s official site.

This then led many to move away from these rural areas to more urbanized cities like Toronto.

You can still see some of these structures to this day, but it will require some exploring.

So if you’re up for the truly rewarding experience, head to Caledon for a fall day trip. You won’t regret it.