Friends, foodies, hungry peeps! We come bearing some surprising and surprisingly fun facts about this popular YYC eatery, Bros To Go (BTG), the place that made breakfast sandwiches straight-up crave-able. And as it happens, we aren’t the only ones in love with their delish to-go breakfast sammies.

If you remember, a few weeks before entering into the new year we informed you that this pop-up restaurant now has a permanent location. Having taken their bread game and our pick-me-up breakfast game to new heights, the permanent restaurant is garnering just as much buzz as did the pop-up (all worth, btw). In fact, they are now set to open a second permanent location.

Ahead of that, we decided to get in touch with the Bros, Gil and Jeff (founders of The Bro’kin Yolk and Bro’s To Go if you haven’t figured that part out yet!), to uncover some secrets behind this rage of a breakfast spot.

#1 BTG has been 26,280 hours in the making

Yes, the idea of to-go sandwiches that actually look and taste as amazing as what you’d be served on a plate at a regular restaurant has been in the making since 2018. In fact, many of us were their Guinea pigs as Gil and Jeff tested out the sandwiches as part of their pop up menu. 

#2 BTG is redefining what “bacon” means

Bro’s To Go serves the same house-cured bacon as that served at Bro’Kin Yolk and it has nothing to do with what you pictured when you heard “bacon”. The brothers took inspiration from their Filipino roots. The sweetness and Jerky-style texture of the cured bacon is similar to the popular Filipino cured pork, tocino, making each bite simply soooo satisfying. 


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#3 The Lola Burger is not your average joe

The burger is yet another ode to the Philippines. The show-stopper of the burger, aka the pork patty, is crafted with the ultimate Filipino sausage, longanisa. Hence, the sweetness and the strong garlicky flavour.

#4 BTG has its own Spotify playlist

Because everything tastes better with great music, Gil and Jeff curated an upbeat, fun Spotify playlist in partnership with DJ C-SIK that goes well with all things breakfast. Whether you’re enjoying The Basic B at home or The Shorty in the car, this playlist will get the whole fam grooving. 

#5 BTG uses over 26,000 eggs in a year

Bros To Go uses about 500 eggs a week (no yolking). To give you some context, The average Canadian eats about 242 eggs per year. Yeah, that’s how popular BTG is. 

#6 Gil has a favourite

The Hot Mess sandwich, which features ­­spicy fried chicken in a maple honey sauce, is one of Gil’s absolute favourites (samezies!). Jeff, meanwhile, can’t choose- “They’re all my favourites. It’s like picking a child. Lol”, he said. 


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#7 BTG once had a yelling customer who made their day

A customer once stormed back into the restaurant a few minutes after having bought his sandwich and started yelling. The staff was expecting some complaint, but instead, this is what they heard- “THIS IS THE BEST BREAKFAST SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!” Let us know if A) You were that person, B) You know someone who’d do that. 

Now, if you’re craving an egg-ceptional sammy, head to Northland (that’s where your stomach will get satisfied). And in case you aren’t in the mood to head out, they are also available on Skip the Dishes, Doordash and Uber Eats. 


Where: 303-4820 Northland Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2L4