The 2021 Olympics are all wrapped up and winners, attendees and judges have resumed their everyday lives. For British gold medalist, Tom Daley, though we can imagine that this will mostly consist of working out, training and knitting, it seems as though it will also consist of exploring the city of Calgary!

In town for the next few months with his husband Lance Black, Daley actually posted a few photos as well as a video to Instagram of him running through different parts of the city ending with a gruelling self-led sweat sesh next to the Crescent Heights staircase – a pretty popular spot for the physically inclined (which is probably why we missed him.)

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Photo Via @TomDaley / Instagram

Sadly the ‘story’ is no longer active but believe us when we say that most of us could never.

Black, of course, (an Oscar award-winning filmmaker) is in Wild Rose Country shooting his new series Under The Banner Of Heaven, an adaption of a true-crime novel with the same name.


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To be honest, despite being the first publically documented sighting of him that we know of, we are pretty confident that it won’t be the last and honestly – we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We obviously don’t know him personally, but Tom Daley seems like a freaking sweetheart!

So… stay as long as you want, icon! Our city is your city.