Dearest gentle reader, the third installment of Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ is just around the corner and this time around we’re doing things by the book!

With Daphne bangs, a floor-length gown, our closest friends and the big comfy couch, we’re ready to welcome the fantastical world of Shonda Rhimes back into our living room – but not without a little ambiance!

This spring, light up your life with the “Diamond of The Season” three-wick candle from Bath and Body Works, an enchanting new release from the company in collaboration with Netflix.

Likewise, fill the air with the smell of their matching scented body lotion and cream, hand soap, and mist – but don’t hesitate to shop.

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According to their website, you’ll only have a limited time to shop before they release a new collab with the streaming platform.

“Get comfy and light a candle. Then press play on one of the most sensational Netflix partnerships. It’s the highly anticipated collab of the year, brought to you by the makers of your favourite scents and shows,” they explain.

“Stay tuned for more on our year-long partnership with Netflix.”

Excited? Starting on March 25th, you’ll be able to shop their sparkling peach, spring daffodil and radiant jasmine scent meant to represent the “chosen” debutante of the social season.

“At Bath & Body Works, we aim to forever transform the viewing experience for millions of Netflix fans by allowing the power of fragrance to transport them like never before into their favorite stories and scenes,” said Maurice Cooper, Chief Customer Officer at Bath & Body Works.

“Scent is the most evocative of all our senses—it heightens our emotions, experiences and memories — and we want to take fandom for all those who love Bath & Body Works and Netflix to new levels through this inspiring new partnership.”

Until then, maybe rewatch the show! You’ve only got until May 16th until we feel our way through another aesthetic love story.