We’ll go ahead and say that our city’s craft beer scene is second to none in Canada. There are so many delicious beer brands in Vancouver, that it would be foolish to try and fit them all in one list. So, we’re breaking things down neighbourhood by neighbourhood! First up, the best breweries to check out around Mount Pleasant.

Pull up a chair, and pour yourself a pint!

33 Acres

While it’s not the oldest brewery in the city, it’s certainly one of the most iconic! To our knowledge, 33 Acres was the first place to say “With beer as good as this, why not build a space to match?” And it turns out, that’s exactly the question they needed to ask.

Where: 15 W 8th Avenue

Brassneck Brewery


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Just down the street, you’ve got a pair of breweries that are always worth a visit. Ever since opening in 2013, Brassneck has always been about experimentation, but you’ll be hard-pressed to discover something you don’t like. Top tip- these folks are also behind The Magnet, which is one of our favourite beer halls in the city as well.

Where: 2148 Main Street

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Main Street Brewing

If you’re looking for history, Main Street is the place to be. This brewery is located in a historic, 1910s era building that was ironically part of Vancouver’s then-named ‘Brewery Creek’ neighbourhood. Beyond the amazing space, expect a wide range of beers to try, from classic pilsners all the way to special cask-aged options.

Where: 261 E 7th Avenue

R&B Ale & Pizza House

Moving north, we come to another great pocket of breweries to check out. First up is R&B, which has been around for a seriously impressive 25 years! Their Dude Chilling Pale Ale is right up there with the best-named beers in the city, and it doesn’t hurt that the pizza is pretty darn delicious as well.

Where: 54 E 4th Avenue

Electric Bicycle Brewing

Sitting on literally the same block, Electric Bicycle easily has one of the most colourful storefronts in Vancouver. Luckily, they more than live up to their larger-than-life look, with a wide range of beers that are sure to please any palate.

Where: 20 E 4th Avenue

Faculty Brewing


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Faculty might have one of the cleanest aesthetics around, but the process behind it is a little messier. It’s for our benefit though, as the owners’ ‘open-source’ approach to brewing techniques and recipes has turned it into half classroom, half candy shop for anyone who wants to learn more about craft beer.

Where: 1830 Ontario Street

Red Truck Beer

There’s a reason why Red Truck has become such a destination spot over the years. Sure, the beer is tasty, cheap, and (usually) straightforward. But, we can’t help but be drawn to all the extras their main space offers, from the laid-back patio to the diner-style food to the events and parties they’ve become famous for throwing.

Where: 295 E 1st Avenue

Ok beer lovers, those are the best breweries to check out around Mount Pleasant! Like we said, this is the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned for top picks around Metro Vancouver as well.