Well, some of you asked and they’ve answered. Today, the government of Alberta released an updated version of the Alberta Vaccine Passport is now available, this time with an easy scan, secure QR code that will make the process of proving you’ve been immunized at your favourite restaurant or an event even easier than it was before.

To find and save this new passport, all you have to do is log onto the MyHealth website or app and enter your name, birth date and month of vaccination.

As we’re sure you’ll notice, these new cards are a bit larger than those made available to us a couple of weeks ago – however, they’re hoping this new passport will be harder to alter or fake than the ones that were previously released.

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In addition to the new layout, the government will also be launching an AB COVID Records Verifier App, that businesses will be able to use to confirm the information shown on the card as accurate.

Sadly, because they have yet to release this app (or confirm a release date), the QR codes cannot actually be used quite yet, but we’ll keep you guys updated as information rolls in.

For more information about these new passports or to save and print yours, you can visit their website here and do so in a matter of minutes.

It’s super easy, folks! So make sure you get yours!