Bike Share Toronto is on a roll! The popular bike share service has already made our life pretty joyful and active, thanks to their mighty fleet of bikes and conveniently-positioned stations. But they just made riding around town a lot easier and quicker.

At the end of July, the brand introduced more, newly branded e-bikes to its fleet. You’ve probably already seen them around. Yes, the green ones with a striking thunderbolt on them. These newly branded e-bikes are an addition to Bike Share Toronto’s expanding fleet. 

bike share toronto
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As per their four-year growth plan, there are 525 of these e-bikes in the fleet (but not all in circulation at once since they need to charge, go through regular safety checks or repairs). And a total of 2,000 by 2025.

But their increased fleet (now a whooping 7,150 bikes) and stations (now 625) aren’t the only things that are new about them. There’s more!

Bike Share recently launched its new mobile website. So, you can now unlock bikes and purchase short-term passes and memberships from your smartphone directly from No need to download an app if you don’t want to. Log in to the membership portal and sign up to get riding in under a minute.

Told ya, they made riding easier and quicker!

Of course, you can still continue using the PBSC app, kiosks and member keys to unlock the bikes and purchase passes.

bike share toronto
via Curiocity

On the off chance that you’re still not too familiar with Bike Share Toronto, they are a bike share service. They have a massive fleet of bikes totalling 7,150 bikes, including 525 e-bikes with 625 stations across 200 km2 of the city. The stations are strategically placed so you can reach them with a 30-min ride.

They basically revolutionized commuting in Toronto. Frankly, with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Bike Share Toronto, we are amazed there are still cars on the road. Especially since you can save even more with their Corporate Membership Program discount.


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Anyway, if you haven’t given their green lightning bolt beauties a try yet, we suggest you do it today. You can spot these e-bikes on Bike Share’s map as the black icon with the thunderbolt. Just log on to their website from your mobile to uncover the easier and quicker way to ride.