What’s big and hairy and lurks in the forest? Bigfoot of course. It just so turns out that Washington State has the most sightings of the mythical man-beast in the entire US. We’ll let you decide how surprising that is, but let’s get into some data in the meantime.

While it may seem like Bigfoot and Washington have always been like PB & J, that’s not exactly the case. The modern-day Bigfoot legend actually began in northern California in 1958, according to History Channel. But it’s worth noting that there are ‘wild man’ myths across the globe including from western Canada’s Sts’ailes First Nation. They have the “Sasq’ets,” which is apparently the origin of the word “Sasquatch.”

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So just how many sightings does Washington have? According to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Washington has 703 reports. The most recent sighting was in January 2022 in Grays Harbor however there’s no description for this report.

Other states with high sighting numbers include California (456), Florida (334), Ohio (317), Illinois (311), and more. So if you thought that Bigfoot was just a PNW legend you’ll definitely want to check out some of the listed sightings. And if you’re wondering the only place without a sighting is the District of Columbia.

For now, we’ll be checking out the most recent reports and keeping our eyes peeled on all our hikes.