While there are quite a few new restaurants in Vancouver to check out, we feel like this Burnaby spot deserves a little love. Earlier this month, Big Way Hot Pot officially opened, and it offers a pretty unique take on the classic experience.

That’s because rather than the classic set menu, Big Way Hot Pot has opted for a build-your-own style that has us thinking of Mongolian grill restaurants. And, it make take a few visits to try everything, thanks to a whopping 90 different ingredients to choose from, including vegetables, meat and seafood, and a whole bunch of other options.

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While the ingredients might be overwhelming, the process isn’t. Basically, you can browse all the different items to add to your hot pot, then pick some sauces, before choosing from one of eight different broths to accompany it. So, whether you’re hoping for a classic tomato option or something super spicy, you’ll have no issues finding something to fit the mood.

Of course, we have no doubt that it’ll take at least two or three visits to find that perfect combination of flavours. But hey, if that just means more delicious hot pot nights out, then we’ll shoulder the burden.

Big Way Hot Pot

When: Open daily
Where: 7-4300 Kingsway, Burnaby