If you love hiking through old-growth, you’ve likely heard of The Big Tree Trail at Wanachus-Hilthuuis (Meares Island) Tribal Park – the first Tribal Park in BC. And if you haven’t, this is definitely one to add to your summer bucket list.

The trail was originally created by Tofino artist Adrian Dorst and his friends back in 1984 in an effort to prevent Meares Island from being logged. Now, the trail is under the stewardship of the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks Guardians, who have ensured that the island’s ancient red-cedar forests remain protected.

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Photo via Curiocity Group

While visitors can access the trail across from Tofino Harbour, rest assured that you’ll be completely immersed in nature and Tla-o-qui-aht culture and history once your journey begins.

Along the 3 km trail, hikers will find towering red cedars dating back 1,500 years, as well as the famed Hanging Garden Tree, which measures over 18 metres in circumference.

The trek to Meares Island might be on the long side if you’re coming from Vancouver, but once you’re in Tofino, it’s a short but scenic boat or kayak ride away.

Note that the wooden boardwalk is uneven in some spots, and slippery in wet weather. So caution is key if you’re exploring the area during the rainy months!

So there you have it, fellow tree lovers! Happy adventuring.

Big Tree Trail (Meares Island Tribal Park)

Where: Meares Island, BC