We are the future! Great Place To Work has announced this year’s ‘Best Workplace for Today’s Youth’ list, highlighting the best of the best across Canada. Here’s who received this grand acknowledgement this year.

From the same organizers behind the annual ‘Best Workplaces in Canada’ by Great Place To Work, this round up showcases employers that “are making significant efforts to empower and support the younger generation.”

The main best workplace list is given to companies and businesses “that offer an outstanding employee experience for all”.

“Best Workplaces are determined from the pool of Certified organizations and the qualifying organizations are those that meet the highest levels of the specific criteria for that specific list,” shares GPTW.

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“Our research is backed by data compiled from over 100 million employee engagement surveys around the globe. Every year, we conduct the world’s largest study of workplace excellence and hold the gold standard benchmarks for your country, industry, location and more.”

According to organizers, “once you’re Certified, you’re automatically considered for all relevant Best Workplaces lists for 12 months, starting from the date you got Certified.”

In order to be eligible for this specific acknowledgement, a minimum 90% agreement is required with the statement “People are treated fairly regardless of their age”; a minimum of 30% of its population is under 35 years; must have at least 50 employees under 35 years of age complete the survey.

Now without further delay, here are 10 of the best workplaces for youth in Canada:

  • Achievers – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  • Behaviour Interactive – Entertainment, Montréal, Quebec
  • Canadian Olympic Committee – Entertainment, Toronto, Ontario
  • Inflexion Games – Entertainment, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Inkeros – Professional Services, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Jobber – Information Technology, Edmonton, Alberta
  • LinkedIn – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  • Push Operations – Information Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Xero – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  • Zynga Game Canada Ltd. – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario

For the full list, click here.

Who knows, maybe one of these workplaces will help mould your future!