Back for another year! Great Place To Work has announced its annual ‘Best Workplaces in Canada’ list for 2024, highlighting the best of the best across Canada. We’re talking large corporations to small businesses! Curious to know more? Here’s who received the acknowledgement this year.

The annual awards ceremony held in Toronto revealed the ‘Best Workplaces in Canada’ on April 23rd.

According to organizers, companies and businesses “that offer an outstanding employee experience for all” are given the best workplace certification after first being Great Place to Work- Certified in the past year.

“Best Workplaces are determined from the pool of Certified organizations and the qualifying organizations are those that meet the highest levels of the specific criteria for that specific list,” shares GPTW.

“Our research is backed by data compiled from over 100 million employee engagement surveys around the globe. Every year, we conduct the world’s largest study of workplace excellence and hold the gold standard benchmarks for your country, industry, location and more.”

This year, workplaces were placed under three categories – 1,000+ employees, 100 to 999 employees, and under 100 employees.

Here are the top three of each category that made this year’s Best Workplaces in Canada 2023:

Under 100 employees

  1. Agendrix Inc – Information Technology, Sherbrooke, Quebec
  2. Aventura Marketing Inc – Retail, Edmonton, Alberta
  3. DNE Resources – Professional Services, Kirkland, Quebec
  4. Orange Traffic – Manufacturing & Production, Mirabel, Quebec

100 to 999 employees

  1. Slalom Consulting – Professional Services, Toronto, Ontario
  2. NVIDIA – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  3. Zynga Game Canada Ltd. – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  4. Amilia – Information Technology, Montréal, Quebec

1,000+ employees

  1. Cisco – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  2. SAP Canada – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  3. Deloitte Canada – Professional Services, Toronto, Ontario
  4. ATB Financial – Financial Services & Insurance, Edmonton, Alberta

To see all the companies listed, click here.

Congrats to all of the winners!