Great Place To Work has announced its annual ‘Best Workplaces in Canada’ list, highlighting… well, the best workplaces in the country, from east to west. Large corporations to small businesses, here’s who received the certification this year.

The list was revealed on April 13 via its annual awards ceremony in Toronto. According to organizers, companies and businesses “that offer an outstanding employee experience for all” are given the best workplace certification after first being Great Place to Work- Certified in the past year.

“During the Certification process, we capture employee feedback and details about the programs and practices that make your workplace culture unique,” shares GPTW. “From start-ups to the world’s largest multinational companies, we acknowledge the best in workplace culture. We recognize companies of all sizes, in all industries, and around the world.”

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Workplaces are categorized by the number of employees it has – 1,000+ employees, 100 to 999 employees, 50 to 99 employees, and under 50 employees.

Here are the top three of each category that made this year’s Best Workplaces in Canada 2023:

Under 50 employees

  1. Montreal Analytics – Information Technology, Montreal, Quebec
  2. iFathom Corp – Professional Services, Ottawa, Ontario
  3. Eclipsys Solutions Inc. – Information Technology, Kanata, Ontario

50 to 99 employees

  1. Opus Fund Services – Financial Services & Insurance, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  2. Equium Group – Real Estate, Calgary, Alberta
  3. DrugBank – Information Technology, Edmonton, Alberta

100 to 999 employees

  1. 7shifts – Information Technology, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  2. Axonify – Information Technology, Waterloo, Ontario
  3. Online Business Systems – Information Technology, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1,000+ employees

  1. Cisco – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  2. Admiral Insurance – Financial Services and Insurance, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  3. Salesforce – Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario

For all the lists, click here.

Congrats to all of this year’s winners!