Did you know that Canada is home to some of the best beaches for skinny dipping? A new list reveals the best beaches for the clothing optional activity and six of them are in Canada.

Dating website, My Dating Advisor ranked the best skinny dipping spots in nearly every country across the globe. Out of the 100 listed, six of them are found right in the Great White North.

Some of these are nude beaches while others are more low-key for a skinny-dipping adventure. According to the site, the study compared 100 nude beach spots based on several factors such as beach quality, safety, weather, and hotel cost.

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Here are the best Canadian beaches among the best in the world for “skinny dipping”

  1. Lake Simcoe, ON
  2. Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto
  3. The Bruce Peninsula Grotto, Tobermory, ON
  4. Suable Beach, ON
  5. Rock Point, ON
  6. Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Wreck Beach in Vancouver is the only Canadian spot to make the top 25 rated however compared to all the other choices in the list, it’s a great accomplishment for the beach.

You can check out the full list here!