Big cities are great, but they’re not for everybody! Some of you long for quiet evenings without tourist traffic and the kind of familiarity that accompanies living somewhere will a population under a million. If this sounds like a total dream, you’re in luck, because a list of the best small cities in Canada was just released and an Alberta destination actually made the cut!

While it was Victoria, Kelowna and Kingston that made up the top 3, Lethbridge was ranked 10th overall by travel advisory giants Resonance Consultancy based on the following:

  • Place (natural and built environment)
  • Product (attractions and major institutions)
  • Programming (arts, culture, entertainment and culinary scene)
  • People (immigration rate and diversity)
  • Prosperity (employment and corporate landscape)
  • Promotion (online recommendations and recognition)

Rated highly in the ‘place’ and ‘product’ categories – the postcard-perfect town was revered for its commitment to preserving Canadian history and its many attractions.

From the stunning Nikka Yuko Garden to museums and many breweries, not only does Lethbridge has a ton to do around the city, but it’s within close proximity to some of Alberta’s best – like Waterton and the Castle Mountain Resort.

In addition, it was also awarded the second sunniest city on the list and has the fourth-best air quality – which is a feat worth celebrating.

Here is the entire top 10 for those curious:

  1. Victoria, BC
  2. Kelowna, BC
  3. Kingston, Ontario
  4. Niagara Falls, Ontario
  5. Waterloo, Ontario
  6. North Vancouver, BC
  7. Burlington, Ontario
  8. Guelph, Ontario
  9. Fredericton, New Brunswick
  10. Lethbridge, Alberta

Do you agree or disagree? What are your favourite small cities in Alberta? We want to know!

For more information about this year’s list of the Best Small Cities in Canada check out their website – otherwise, pack your bags, folks!

Let’s see that current population of 101,799 people soar (just not too high.)