Welcome back, fellow beer lovers! Following up on the first guide, we’re back with the second half of all the Edmonton breweries you need to try this summer. This time around, we’re focusing on all of the spots that are north and west of the River Valley. Turns out, there’s quite a bit of fun on that side of the city as well!

So, here’s part two of all the Edmonton breweries you need to try this summer.


Just like the first instalment, we’re kicking things off with our most recent additions! But ironically, Irrational Brewing is located in one of the oldest buildings around- a heritage 1938 Art Deco building. Offering a wide variety of beers and some great snacks, this is the perfect blend of style and flavour!

Where: 10643 124 Street


Irrational Brewing wasn’t the only spot to open the doors during a pandemic, though. In late 2020, Arcadia came on to the scene, bringing a community-oriented space that was met with immediate fanfare. It’s hard not to love… especially when you head down with some pals for a pint or two, a pizza, and maybe even a sneaky empanada.

Where: 10712 120 Street

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Back to newer names in old buildings… we’ve got Odd Company in the mix as well! Located in the Oliver Exchange building on Jasper Ave, the folks behind Odd Company have used a background in chemistry to perfect a wide variety of brews, from classic lagers to out of this world collabs.

Where: 12021 102 Avenue


Opting for more of a destination drinking approach, The Growlery isn’t too far from downtown, but certainly is out of walking distance. Luckily, this Blatchford spot is the perfect add-on to a trip to the Alberta Aviation Museum. Actually, we might even frame things the other way- come for the beer, stay for the old planes after, but make sure you come for the beer.

Where: 40 Airport Road



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In the same boat, we’ve got SYC wayyy out in West Edmonton. It’s also more than worth the extra effort to get there, since you’ll be treated to a wild selection of beers where the only limiting factor is the creativity of the owners. But, when your name stands for ‘Show Your Colours’, the resulting brews are as varied as they are delicious!

Where: 11239 180 Street



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And so, we arrive at one of the most well known names in the city. Not just a place for great beer, Campio also really outdid itself with the food menu, offering snacks to sandwiches to Detroit-style deep dish pizza. Plus, if there’s one place in the city that’ll convince you to swap a mimosa for a pint at brunch, it’s here.

Where: 10257 105 Street

There you have it! The second half of our guide to the best breweries to visit around Edmonton this summer. Get out there, get drinking, and enjoy the exploration!