Canada is full of surprises. From stunning cities to unusual landmarks – there’s no telling what you might stumble upon next during your next vacation – especially if you’re headed to Bell Island.

Located in Newfoundland and Labrador, this fascinating destination is mysterious, historic and described as an area with a “remarkable geological makeup.”

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“The island is an unmistakable feature on the horizon of Conception Bay, standing over a hundred feet high with cathedral cliffs worn into folds like curtains,” the province explains.

“Dotted with sea caves flanked by massive sea stacks, the mesa-like sandstone of Bell Island is an anomaly in this Avalon region of mainly granite and shale.”

While it was once known for being a world-class producer of iron ore, It’s actually its off-shore activities and caves mentioned above that draw in many of its visitors.


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From rock formations (including their namesake “bell” shaped sea stack) to 400-foot tunnels and wildlife, this island is perfect for those looking for adventure – but scuba divers should absolutely take note!

Ultra popular with swimmers and ghost hunters alike, Bell Island is also a short distance from several shipwrecks that have been overgrown with marine life frozen in time.


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Here, divers can paddle through the cabins, cargo holds and mess halls once occupied by World War II soldiers, several of which died aboard the ships themselves.

Want to check it out? Don’t forget a comfy pair of sneakers and a bathing suit. You’re in for an incredibly adventurous trip!