The town of Tumbler Ridge in northern British Columbia faced a truly Canadian reason for an internet outage this weekend- beavers chewed on the cables. Some 900 Telus customers lost internet service around 4 AM on Saturday morning, and it wasn’t restored until Sunday afternoon. Here’s what those rascals (the beavers) did.

When trying to find the cause of the outage, Telus team members discovered a local beaver dam located close to the cable itself. Apparently, the beavers dug underground on the banks of their creek, and came across the cable. For reference, the cable was buried some 3 feet underground, and featured a 4.5-inch think protective casing.

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Well, that ended up being no match for the beaver(s), who chewed through the cable in not one but three different locations. And, according to a CBC article, the beavers even used some of the Telus construction materials in building their dam. Well, at least they’re proving that Canada’s animal is both resilient and has a little bit of a creative side.

The cable was eventually repaired, and internet service was restored to the 900 or so customers in the town. We’re not exactly sure what happened with the beavers, but we’re hoping at least one of them makes a tongue-in-cheek appearance in the next Telus commercial.

Quick, someone get that beaver an agent!