Well folks it looks like one proof of vaccination will not do in BC. The government has decided to create two separate proof of vaccination cards depending on what you plan on doing. Starting October 30th, BC residents will need a second proof of vaccination card to travel within Canada and internationally. Let’s get into the details.

Firstly, why? According to CBC, Premier John Horgan has stated that “the current B.C. vaccine card is not compatible with the new national vaccine passport for domestic and international travel.” Basically, the federal government requires more information for international travel than is currently on BC’s vaccine card.

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Now before you get all antsy, you can still use your provincial vaccine card to travel while the new federal card is rolled out. FYI the new proof of vaccination card for travel is set to be available by October 30th. Further, the Health Ministry has stated that they “will continue to monitor the use of two cards to ensure it works best for people in B.C.” It may be a little bit of an inconvenience but it’s just part of the way that things work these days.

Keep in mind that “3.6 million people have downloaded the B.C. vaccine card and it is working well” so hopefully the switch to two cards will be a relatively painless process. Now Horgan originally said that BC residents could apply for a federal transportation card but the federal government’s website is a bit unclear. Rather, it directs BC residents to get provincial proof of vaccination, so we all might have to wait a bit longer on clear directions of how to obtain the card.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the provincial proof of vaccination card by clicking here.