While it’s a bummer it got stuck in the first place, we sure were happy to find out that a Grey Whale caught in fishing nets off the coast of BC has been freed! Earlier today, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans released a short video showing their rescue efforts.

Turns out, it took crews 4 days to completely untangle the gentle giant. It was no easy task, since the whale was covered in some 18m of active fishing nets. Had the crews not been alerted, it was unlikely to have freed itself. So, we’re excited that they were able to save it!

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The short video shows the tail end (bad joke, sorry) of the rescue efforts. As rescuers hold on to the last remaining bits of net, the whale frees itself and majestically swims away. Pretty crazy that a whale would just chill and let rescuers do their thing for almost a workweek.

Finally, we’d like to remind anyone who spots any type of sea animal/marine mammal in distress to call the proper authorities! While we shouldn’t be letting them get caught like this in the first place, let the experts try to help them when they do.