Heads up folks, because it looks like old Uncle Fester is back in town! Today, the Bloedel Conservatory announced that their infamous corpse flower is getting ready to bloom once more. Not only is this flower exceedingly rare in North America, but it only blooms every 2-3 years (and that’s if we’re lucky).

Native to the rainforests of Indonesia, the corpse flower lives up to its name. Growing to a monstrous size, the flower is noted for its unique scent, which is described as rotting or rancid meat, and naturally attracts flies and carrion beetles to pollinate it.

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So naturally, we’re excited to check out this beautifully grotesque flower. Obtained from a North Carolina nursery, Uncle Fester first bloomed back in 2018, marking the first time it’s ever happened in the province. And now, three years later, it looks like it’s back with a vengeance.

Over the long weekend, Bloedel confirmed that the spadix, which is where the flowers are located, has re-appeared! What’s more, the flower’s growth rate is absolutely motoring, and is set to surpass the 77-inch tall flower that bloomed in 2018.

So, if you missed your chance a few years back, it looks like you’re getting another one! You’ll need to book tickets in advance, so we suggest following the Vancouver Park Board for updates as we inch close to the bloom!