The university student version of us is currently jumping for joy over the news that licensed cannabis retailers will be able to start offering delivery across BC next month. Starting June 15th, you won’t even have to leave your house to restock on cartridges or try some crazy new arrival.

The new option will officially be put in place on July 15th. The move also builds off a decision last summer that allowed retailers to sell their products online, and offer curbside pickup (with ID). Although, nothing beats just walking out the front door to some of the good stuff. In fact, it’s quite similar to letting liquor stores deliver alcohol (which also happened last summer).

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Curious about the rules? Well, turns out that only the person who receives the delivery has to be of legal age, and will be required to provide their name and signature on the order. Just like with buying alcohol, those who appear to be under 19 will be required to show 2 pieces of ID.

We’re wondering if the classic stoner delivery trope is about to reverse. The weed guy shows up at your door, and the only thing you have to tip him is a frozen pizza. Well, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves.

For more info on the new plan for weed delivery in BC, check out the press release right here.