As you may have heard, a section of the Coquihalla Highway, one of the most important routes in BC, reopened to the public this week. And, it didn’t even take a day before the BC government had to remind people not to stop and take pictures of the highway. Sure, it’s impressive, but leave the documentation to the pros!

The update came via social media posts made by BC Transportation. Basically, they shared that numerous reports came in of travellers stopping in ‘unsafe ways’ to take photos of the affected area, which was wiped out during the floods last November.

“The work is impressive. We  get it,” states the tweet. “But you’re putting yourself and others in harms way.”

It continued to recommend visiting their Flickr page for photos.

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The affected section, just as a refresher, is about a 130 kilometre long stretch between Hope and Merritt. And while the highway has reopened, the speed limit has been reduced to 50km/h. Our guess? Because of the reduced speeds, travellers felt more comfortable pulling over to snag a photo of the most damaged sections.

But, like BC Transportation said, that’s not exactly the best behaviour on, you know, a major highway. Instead, the ministry is recommending people head over to their Flickr page, which features extensive coverage of the damage and the (admittedly very impressive) repairs that have been completed over the past few weeks.

So, in a nutshell, if you’re taking a trip to the Interior anytime soon, don’t stop to take photos. That’s what your passengers are for, anyway.