Sometimes, we come across something that is like a masterclass in a field we never knew about. And this time around, it’s the ability to really up the ante of a lawsuit by naming, among other things, Queen Elizabeth II as a defendant. Here’s a little more info.

Back in 2018, a BC resident alleges that he was hit by a driver that then fled the scene. Then, this past July, the man decided to sue ICBC over physical and emotional injuries since the crash. Turns out, that was just the start of this rollercoaster ride. Since that happened, the man has filed six more demands that run that gamut of what we would call a zany lawsuit.

First up, he has named “Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Lieutenant Governor, the Premier of British Columbia, the British Columbia Minister of Health, the Supreme Court of Canada” among the defendants.

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Then, he’s also changed the terms of the ‘relief’ in the civil claim. Now, he’s looking for, among other things, $32 trillion, 500,000 shares of Tesla (current value- $350,000,000), an MRI of his entire body (weirdly normal) and the dismantling of Transport Canada. If you’re wondering how he did all this, it was through a variety of forms and notices that do not have screening procedures in place.

It’s kind of like the lawsuit equivalent of getting spam email. And, the presiding Judge more or less called it that. Seriously, he summed the ruling up with “The claims he wants to make are not reasonable, and the claims are scandalous, vexatious, and otherwise an abuse of process”.

So, if you thought that you could sue the Queen, it’s unlikely that you can. Unless she hits you with her car. Well, maybe. We’re not lawyers. If you’d like to check out the court documents themselves, just click here.