Puff, puff – put it out, Alberta! Last month, Banff National Park made a major announcement regarding smoking and/or vaping in public and it could affect if you’re headed to the mountains this upcoming month.

As confirmed in December, smoking and vaping tobacco, cannabis or nicotine will be illegal in various places in and around the area starting February 1st, 2023 – though they have made a few exceptions to the upcoming rule.

As written on their website, all products listed above will be prohibited:

  • in Municipal parks/parkettes/green spaces
  • Trails and Pathways
  • Outdoor markets
  • Outdoor events
  • Bus stops
  • Public sidewalks and pedestrian zones
  • in proximity to children not in one’s custody, care or control
  • hospital, school and childcare properties
  • playgrounds, sports and playing fields
  • skateboard and bicycle parks
  • zoos, outdoor theatres
  • public outdoor pools and splash pads
  • within five metres from publicly accessible doorways or windows

The ceremonial use of tobacco, however, will still be allowed – as will smoking in certain parking lots, alleyways and on private property.

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Can’t help yourself? Prepare for a $250 to $500 fine if you’re caught lighting up after the Smoke-Free Public Places Bylaw officially goes into effect.

In our opinion, it’s not worth it – so be smart and be patient, Alberta!

For more information or for clarification, we suggest you visit the Town of Banff’s official website otherwise, enjoy the smoke-free air!

It’s going to be sweet!