Nothing in life lasts forever, not even Auston Matthews’ iconic mustache. The Toronto Maple Leafs star parted with his signature facial hair in support of Movember and showcased his new look on social media.

Matthews appeared in a video posted by Movember Canada, thanking the public for donations to his campaign. “It’s been an amazing month, but a deal is a deal and the time has come to shave off this mustache,” he said.

The video then shows Matthews as he gets his facial hair shaved off, and then rubbing the bare skin above his lip in disbelief.

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Fans wasted no time reacting to the player’s new look in the comments. Some are calling it a flashback to Matthews’ early days as an NHL rookie, others are glad to see it go, and a few people already seem to miss it.

Maybe the mustache was the only thing holding the Leafs back from the Stanley Cup? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.