Cocktails, tapas, and art – sounds like a winning combination, no? This weekend, indulge in all of the above at the brand new Artist Lounge in Calgary, a unique space located inside the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery.

Serving a variety of chef-inspired eats and boozy sips inspired by their featured artists, The A Lounge aims to make the idea of going to an art gallery “less intimidating,” by giving guests something to do with their hands.

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“Art galleries can be unapproachable to the general public,” they write on their website. “What better way to do that than to put a cocktail bar inside one to encourage you to come?”

Here, Calgarians will be encouraged to eat, drink and walk around in support of local artists and sculptures – which benefits both the visionary and the attendee!

Really, everyone wins – so if you’d like to check it out, we encourage you to attend their grand opening weekend.

Heck, maybe we’ll see you out there. Enjoy!


When: Grand opening celebration Thursday, May 26th – 28th
Where: 1840 20th Avenue NW, Calgary
Instagram: @theartistloungeyyc