Well, friends, gone are the days of post-Flames game sax solos on the +15. As part of the city’s big Stampede Park construction project, crews employed by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation have begun one of the more visually dramatic phases in revitalizing the area – tearing down the infamous 15th avenue staircase across from the Victoria train station.

In over headshots posted by Redditor @theOGprocrastinator, vehicles can be seen dismantling the walkway across from the train tracks and although the entire area looks like a mess right now, the city’s future plans paint a hopeful picture of shorter commute times and easier access to the inner city.

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Now, as we said, this is only one of many steps that they’ll be taking towards what the city is calling the creation of Calgary’s culture and entertainment district.

In addition to this CMLC will also be extending 17th Ave across the LRT tracks, linking the new and existing mixed-use corridor on either sale of Mcleod Trail with a new and improved walkway.

This definitely won’t be an overnight thing though!

For those who may not know, this project has actually been in the works since 2019 and is not expected to meet its end until 2024 in tandem with the BMO Expansion, also happening within the area.

Photo Via Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Luckily, for those who will still require transit service during construction, a temporary platform will be built and operational so you can still get your business done any day of the week – that we know for sure.

The other thing that we’re pretty confident about? How crazy different McLeod trail is going to look. Big things are happening, Calgary! Just you wait!