We hope your resume is up to date because a new opportunity might be coming your way. Due to staff shortages, Handi Grill, an Indian restaurant in Vancouver is offering a $50,000 annual salary for a dishwasher.

Conversations about labour shortages in Canada have been taking place across Canada for the past year, with the hospitality industry facing some of the biggest personnel losses of any industry. According to Statistics Canada, the restaurant industry had nearly 130,000 vacant positions across the country in September.

According to the National Post who broke the story, a job posting on Indeed.com and WorkBC for the Vancouver restaurant read ‘effects of labour shortage, $50K per annum to wash dishes’. It appears that the posting has been removed from both job sites, which means someone has either landed the dream dishwashing gig or Handi Grill pulled the offer.

Obviously, people had some opinions about the posting, even throwing jabs at Vancouver’s outrageous real estate prices.

Others are celebrating it, pointing to the changing workforce marketplace that has been affected by COVID.

It’s becoming clear that the traditional cost of workers is under fire right now. Employees see their worth as being more than what some businesses are willing to pay, so fewer people are working across Canada.

How this will pan out once the pandemic winds up, we’ll have to wait and see.