More Canadians will soon have access to dental care coverage, thanks to the new Canadian Dental Care Plan announced in the 2023 federal budget.

According to the government, the plan will involve a “transformative investment” of $13 billion over five years and an ongoing commitment of $4.4 billion.

The Canadian Dental Care Plan is set to provide uninsured Canadians with quality dental coverage starting in 2023.

To qualify, Canadians must have an annual family income of less than $90,000.

There will also be no co-pays for Canadians with a family income under $70,000.

Just recently, the feds introduced the Canada Dental Benefit which provides low-income families with two tax-free payments for children under 12 years old to receive dental care.

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Also included in the 2023 budget is a new Oral Health Access Fund.

The goal of this fund is to address “oral health gaps among vulnerable populations and reducing barriers to accessing dental care, including in rural and remote communities,” according to the government.

Plus, the government plans to introduce a new grocery rebate aimed to help millions cover the rising cost of food.

There will be $2.5 billion allocated in the federal budget for the one-time grocery rebate, which will go directly to 11 million low and modest-income Canadians and families.

Eligible couples with two children will receive up to $467, single Canadians without children will get up to $234, and seniors will be eligible for around $225.

Affordability and access seems to be a top priority for the government in this year’s budget, and we’re not mad about it.