Don’t you just love a good old April Fools’ joke?! We definitely know we do. And when big brands hop in on the fun, we love to see how creative they can get. This year popped off with some pretty big and funny April Fools’ jokes in Canada and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best.

Whether they made you laugh, cry, cringe or do all three, don’t worry, they’re simply jokes.

Here’s a list of some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks in Canada.

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Picture this, you can travel ANYWHERE in the world without actually boarding a plane. Introducing MemorEase by WestJet, a new headset that uses AI tech to “implant vacation memories directly into guests’ brains – offering them all the benefits of a vacation, without ever having to leave the comfort of their couch.”

It’s giving Black Mirror. Thankfully, it’s not true.

Canada’s Wonderland

Imagine you could book a stay inside the Canada’s Wonderland Wonder Mountain?! At least that’s what they had us believe.

“This luxury hotel will feature 25 sound-proof, ride-themed rooms with spectacular views of the amusement park. Hotel guests will get exclusive access to a new waterfall spa and infinity pool (outside of diver showtimes), plus early access to the park during their stay,” shared the park in their April Fools’ prank.

If we’re being real, that sounds like a dream!

Canada Science And Tech Museum

The 80s called, and Ottawa answered! The Canada Science and Tech Museum announced that they were parterning with the Bytown Railway Society to bring back Ronald’s Party Caboose – similar to the one that stood on the back lot of the McDonald’s on St.Laurent Blvd.

Well, it’s not true, unfortunately.


Staying on the McDonald’s train – get it? The fast food chain announced its lineup of EXCLUSIVE lip balms. Extra pickles, Oreo McFlurry and Big Mac Sauce are the three new flavours!

We WISH it were real.

City of Ottawa


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A post shared by City of Ottawa (@cityofottawa)

Lil’ Sebastian deserves the world! And apparently, Ottawa thinks it deserves the key to the City.

Though we think he’d rather get the key to Pawnee. But nonetheless, ’twas an April Fools’ joke.

Canada Trade

If only our cars could run on maple syrup too! Canada Trade made this light-hearted joke on Twitter and the idea of Maple Syrip-Powered Spaceships.


Pineapple on pizza or Pineapple crust pizza?

“We know how much you all love Pineapple on Pizza, So now we made it so you can enjoy Pizza on Pineapple!” read the post.

Though it sounds absolutely delicious to ME, it was a prank. Too bad.



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BeaverTails? Nah, CodTail! The pasty brand pulled a good one on us, sharing that they have released a new menu creation, “fish ‘n’ chips BeaverTails-style, including tartar sauce and mushy peas.”

Though it actually sounds kind of good, it was in fact a joke.

Taylor Swift


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A post shared by Curiocity Toronto (@curiocitytoronto)

GUYS! It was a joke but a heavy hitter for sure. Taylor Swift is not cancelling her Canadian tour dates – she’d never do that!

Happy April Fools’ Day!