It’s been a rough year, so it’s no surprise that companies all over Canada and the world took today as an opportunity to let loose – Curiocity Included!

Though some might think it’s a juvenile to participate, many of the pranks played on the general public today were nothing short of legendary – so here are the best April Fools Day jokes in 2022!



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Coffee scented dryer sheets? We only wish! While this ‘new product’ by Tim Hortons, was accompanied by a convincing commercial – we won’t actually see it hit the market any time soon. You almost had us, Tims. You almost had us…



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WestJet April Fools jokes are notoriously creative – and this year was no exception. A few years ago it was VIP seating via their storage bins and this year was the launch of their WestJetX space program. Sadly, the Canadian airline won’t deliver us to the stars this year – but who knows. The future is friendly!



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Ever wish your furry friend could enjoy a cold one with you? Introducing White Paw – a non-alcoholic fictitious sip for your pet as long as they’re 7 dog years or older.

Look, we know it’s fake – but we can’t help but imagine what this might taste like…



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A post shared by Mountain Equipment Company (@mec)

Fanny packs are convenient – but Canadian company MEC had us believing in their true potential with a commercial for their fake product – the Mega Fan. While this bad boy doesn’t actually exist, their followers went absolutely wild on their Instagram, asking when it was hitting shelves, making this one of the more successful jokes this year. Sorry folks, it looks like you’ll have to stick to using your backpacks.


Need a stand-in coworker, a travel buddy, or a movie date? Lego’s human-sized “Maxifigure” would have made an A+ stand-in. Unfortunately, though, this 170 cm piece of plastic, won’t be marketed and sold to the masses any time soon.


Twitter has been the center of many a controversy over the last few years – many of which could have been probably been resolved with the edition of an edit button. Sadly, despite Twitter’s April Fool’s joke – it probably won’t come to be any time soon.



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The year’s cutest April Fools joke? 7 Eleven’s, Tiny Gulp, a  0.7 once baby sip – that we only wish was the real deal. Alas, like everything else on this list, customers won’t be able to purchase and enjoy the novelties of this adorable product.


Bridgerton-inspired spritzers? This year, Bud Light’s April Fools joke had us wishing we could rewatch the hit Netflix show all over again – with a drink in our hand. With retro flavors, this old-timey, tea – could have changed the game.


We wish that this one was real, but alas, the McDonald’s Millenial meal – which came with butterfly clips, 90s-style blowup chairs, and walkmans – is not the real deal.



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There’s nothing like the sweet smell of donuts in the morning – which is why the “launch” of Krispy Kreme’s dessert scented perfume almost got us. Sadly, this delicious spritz won’t see the light of day.

There you have it, folks. The best April Fools Day jokes in 2022. Which ones were your favorite?