Soccer fans, we’ve got some big news coming to you! Today, Apple TV and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced a new partnership, with things kicking off next year. Here’s a little more info on what the deal means, and what regular subscribers can expect.

Starting in 2023, the MLS and Apple TV will enter into a decade long partnership that will provide unfettered access to MLS games for viewers in the US and Canada. We’re talking no local blackouts, and both regular season and Leagues Cup matches (MLS versus Liga MX teams).

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That level of access will be coming through a new MLS streaming platform on the service. However, it should be noted that those who buy MLS full-season ticket packages, for any team, will also get access to each and every game, which is a fun bonus.

As for regular subscribers, they’ll be treated to a “broad selection” of matches, “including some of the biggest”, throughout the season. Who knows… a little Ted Lasso one night, a little MLS night the next… that sounds like a pretty fun way to enjoy the sport!