From Banff to the big city, Alberta has a lot to offer its visitors – no matter their background or stature. In fact, we’ve got tourism so down-pat that the province even dazzled Spiderman actor, Andrew Garfield – who gushed about his time filming Under The Banner of Heaven in Calgary to Entertainment Tonight.

“Dude I loved it, I genuinely really loved Calgary and I love Alberta,” He said.

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“I love the people, I loved the restaurants, I loved the food – the nature,” adding that he even took a ‘crazy cold’ dip in Lake Louise.

“I was like, why is no one else doing this… and then I jumped in and I was like – oh, now I understand why no one else is doing this. it’s very very cold.”

In addition to the areas in and around Banff, the star of FX’s new true crime adaption also gave a special shoutout to Calgary’s Repsol Sports Centre, in which he said he spent the majority of his time.

“It has a great steam room and a really great cold plunge, and jacuzzi and big like Olympic-sized swimming pools and workout gear, basketball courts…and I just loved it.”

Garfield, fellow frontrunner Daisy Edgar-Jones (who also had a ton of great things to say about her time in Alberta), and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black were here for several months between August and December of last year, so it’s not surprising that they really got to experience the province – falling in love with it in the process.

If you’d like to watch the entire interview, you can do so above.

Looks like we made quite the impression, folks! Hopefully, it’ll keep ’em coming back!