Kids do the darnedest things. A teen in Halton Region region caused a flurry of funny news pieces this week, after they dialled 911 for a not-so-necessary reason. Apparently, their mother committed the heinous crime of changing their Xbox console password.

Cue the oohs and ahhs, people. How dare she??

Listen, obviously screen time has taken on a whole new meaning during this pandemic. But to go as far as calling emergency services at the loss of your video games might just be a touch overboard. Just a touch.

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After the incident, the Halton Police Tweeted out a lighthearted reminder that 911 calls should be reserved for legitimate emergencies. The tweet prompted loads of hilarious responses telling similar stories, including one parent who’s child was confused by instructions to call 911 “if you are in trouble” and rang the line during a time out. Oh, to be young!

Although this is a pretty funny story, we should note that unnecessarily calling 911 can result in some not-so-funny consequences. Apparently, you can be fined up to $5,000 for taking up police time and resources.

So let’s all make sure that if we do dial those famous three numbers, we do it because we need to (and hopefully none of us will need to!!).