Don’t mess with Toronto’s landmarks, y’all. In a city as proud as we are, it’s bound to get you in trouble. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Let us catch you up. So as you know, Toronto has become home to the NHL’s Eastern Conference hub. And what that means is that loads of NHL folks who aren’t normally in the city have found this place to be their temporary home.

One of those people is Mike Milbury. He’s an NHL broadcaster famous for beating a fan over the head with a shoe, and very clearly NOT a Torontonian. Because late last night he made a tragic mistake on Twitter in reference to the CN Tower. And boy, did he hear about it.

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So as you can see from the Tweet, he confused our iconic landmark with Seattle’s Space Needle. The two are pretty similar in shape, so we guess we can see the confusion. But given that the CN Tower is so near and dear to many Torontonian’s hearts, it’s needless to say that people were not impressed with the mix-up.

Just click through his replies on Twitter to see what we’re talking about. But to give you a taste, the highlights include Twitter user @soloucity calling Milbury’s tweet “one of the most insanely idiotic things ever heard.” Another Twitter user, @JaredChristop12, writes “I think you need to go to bed.” And @baltimoredavey kept it simple, replying only with “okay boomer.”

Whew, and there’s loads more where those came from. In fact, for a hot second there, “Space Needle” was even trending in Canada. Proving, as Twitter user @SugaKitty7 writes, that there’s nothing Canadians hate more than “less hockey and being mistaken as American.”

So the moral of the story is do not mess with Torontonians and our attractions. It does not matter how high up you are in the NHL broadcasting world, confusing the CN Tower with any other structure is simply appalling. And no one is immune to the wrath of a Torontonian scorned.