We’ve stumbled across a fundraiser going down on the North Shore tomorrow that is so crazy we just have to share. A DJ from Montreal, who moved to Vancouver earlier this year, is going to do one of the hardest bike rides in the city. Then he’s going to do it again. And again.

Say hello to JaBig (Jean-Aimé Bigiriman). Born in Rwanda but partly raised in Montreal, JaBig has been performing DJ sets and embarking on crazy bike rides for a couple of years now. His goal? To raise money for World Bicycle Relief. Along with other regions, World Bicycle Relief supplies school-aged girls in rural Africa with bikes, so that they can access education and other amenities.

This isn’t the first time that JaBig has done an incredible cycling-related feat. In fact, he became the first person to ride across Canada on a fixed-gear bicycle, which is insane by itself. But was that enough? Apparently not, since he did this during the winter. JaBig was also on a fundraiser bike ride around the world when COVID hit, which unfortunately cut that short.

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Even with all this under his belt, we’re still in awe about his latest plan. Today (Wednesday, June 16th) JaBig is going after the ‘Triple Triple Crown’. The Triple Crown, for those who don’t know, is the combination of Mount Seymour, Cypress Mountain and Grouse Mountain. So, the Triple Triple Crown is that route, but three times over. We actually included it in our cycling route guide around Vancouver (with masochist as the difficulty rating, don’t worry).

Curious about what that actually means? Well, the journey is some 240 kilometres total, and will take him about 21 hours to complete. But it’s the climb that’s the insane part, coming in at an astounding 6,110 metres (20,000ish feet) in elevation gain. For reference, that’s more than the tallest mountain in Canada, and about 69% (nice) of the way up Mount Everest. In a day.

In doing this, JaBig hopes to donate 100 bikes to World Bicycle Relief, which comes in at around $14,000. If you’d like to help him reach his goal, just click here! And, if you want to follow along on his journey, then check out his Instagram account right here.

Good luck out there, JaBig!