Over the years, the, let’s say, ambitious Turducken from Juke Fried Chicken has become a must-try Thanksgiving dinner in Vancouver. So, we need to share the news that it’s been brought back for this year, thanks to a great meal kit. Here’s the scoop!

For those who don’t know, the Turducken is a trifecta of turkey, duck, and chicken rolled into a single experience. Alongside the centrepiece, you’ll also get a wide array of sides- leek and sausage stuffing, scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts, roasted Squash and carrots, Jalapeño cornbread with honey thyme whipped schmaltz, cranberry sauce, and of course, turkey gravy. Yeah, it’s a real cornucopia of a Thanksgiving meal!

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It’s your head is spinning over the list, don’t worry. The meal-kit comes with both written and video instructions from Juke chef (and co-owner) Bryan Satterford. So, even if you’re seeing if your oven works for the first time ever (we’ve all been there) chances are very high it’ll turn out.

The turducken meal-kit from Juke will feed 4 hungry adults, and comes in at $199. Now, all you need to do is figure out dessert, and you’re golden! To order yours, just head over to the Juke website.