¿CóMO? Taperia, one of the newest bars in Mount Pleasant, brings an authentic Spanish Tapas experience to Vancouver.

como taperia

First up is the space itself. By emulating the standing room only spots in cities like Barcelona or Madrid, Como Taperia is one of the few places where a seat at the bar might just be better than a table.

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como taperia

Next comes food. Obviously, the majority of the dishes are small share plates, with a couple of, uh, traditional west coast fusion choices (like a hamburger). Don’t think there isn’t variety though, they’ve got everything ranging from salads to croquettes to foie gras. The real draw, however, are the conservas- imported Spanish and Portuguese seafood in brines or oils, which are flavourful and tender.

como taperia

Last up are the drinks, and this might be where Como Taperia truly shines. Great gin and tonics, cocktails and wines, but, we suggest diving in on some vermouth or sherry.  Try out what’s available on tap or choose from a careful selection of bottles, you won’t go wrong.

All in all, Como Taparia is a great destination for those who are tired of the ‘usual’ Vancouver bar experience. Head down there with friends before a night out, or as a late night date spot, and find a new mainstay in your rotation.

¿CóMO? Taperia

Hours: Daily, 4PM-11PM
Where: 201 E 7th Ave
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