If you’re a water slide enthusiast, the last little bit hasn’t been the best for you. But not anymore, because there is a natural water slide that you can find near Vancouver.

That’s right, a natural water slide. If you’re wondering what that is, well, it’s as advertised. It’s a small waterfall with rocks that are smooth enough for you to slide down. In other words, it’s nature giving us a little treat.

The natural water slide is located at Cascade Falls Regional Park near Mission, but is a little bit hidden. To access it, you have to hike up the falls, rock hop a bit, and do a bit of trail-finding along the creek for about 2 kilometers. In this video by Youtuber Jesse St. Louis, you get an idea of the journey. But once you’re there, it looks insanely fun and beautiful. But be warned, the water is coming down from the mountain so it’s going to be cold as heck. So, make sure you go on a hot day!

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We also should mention that because this natural water slide is up Cascade Falls and off-trail, so you should be very cautious. Leaving marked trails means going places that aren’t maintained or checked for safety, so make sure you’re super careful. Rocks can be slippery and the currents can be very strong. Things always get dicier when water is involved. So, if you do check out these amazing water slides, watch out for yourself and others!

That being said, this really is a summer bucket list item. Sure, going down a twisty human-made water slide is fun. But finding these sorts of spots in nature is amazing and very much worth visiting. So, basically, we think you should add this to your summer bucket list. We know we are.