The world is changing for the better, folks! In the last few months, we’ve seen more representation on social media, and it looks like now we’ll see more diversity in advertising too. Nike’s newest N7 campaign not only features a Cree woman from Alberta, but it also celebrates Indigenous culture and the photos are beautiful.

Ashley Callingbull, the first Canadian to win the Miss Universe pageant, took to Twitter on Sunday. The model said the photo series is meant to highlight ” the inherent beauty of traditional heritage plants emphasizing the importance of connecting to the land to support intergenerational and cultural wellness.”

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Callingbull has worked with Nike before, but we can imagine that this one would be particularly special. “My culture is the one thing that keeps me strong, and it helps guide me in the right direction,” she said.

Inclusivity is long, long, LONG overdue, and we hope to see it stick! Nike’s new campaign is incredible and so is the message behind it. Our fingers are crossed that this won’t be the last time we see brand celebrate diversity! Congrats Ashley!